public final class FirebaseAnalytics extends Object

The top level Firebase Analytics singleton that provides methods for logging events and setting user properties. See the developer guides for general information on using Firebase Analytics in your apps.

Applications can get an instance of this class by calling getInstance(Context). getInstance(Context) is thread safe and can be called from any thread.

Nested Class Summary

class FirebaseAnalytics.Event An Event is an important occurrence in your app that you want to measure. 
class FirebaseAnalytics.Param Params supply information that contextualize Events. 
class FirebaseAnalytics.UserProperty A UserProperty is an attribute that describes the app-user. 

Public Method Summary

Retrieves the app instance id from the service.
static FirebaseAnalytics
getInstance(Context context)
Returns the singleton FirebaseAnalytics interface.
logEvent(String name, Bundle params)
Logs an app event.
Clears all analytics data for this app from the device and resets the app instance id.
setAnalyticsCollectionEnabled(boolean enabled)
Sets whether analytics collection is enabled for this app on this device.
setCurrentScreen(Activity activity, String screenName, String screenClassOverride)
Sets the current screen name, which specifies the current visual context in your app.
setMinimumSessionDuration(long milliseconds)
Sets the minimum engagement time required before starting a session. The default value is 10000 (10 seconds).
setSessionTimeoutDuration(long milliseconds)
Sets the duration of inactivity that terminates the current session. The default value is 1800000 (30 minutes).
setUserId(String id)
Sets the user ID property.
setUserProperty(String name, String value)
Sets a user property to a given value.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Methods

public Task<String> getAppInstanceId ()

Retrieves the app instance id from the service.

  • Task with the result of the retrieval

public static FirebaseAnalytics getInstance (Context context)

Returns the singleton FirebaseAnalytics interface.

context the context used to initialize Firebase Analytics. Must not be null.

public void logEvent (String name, Bundle params)

Logs an app event. The event can have up to 25 parameters. Events with the same name must have the same parameters. Up to 500 event names are supported. Using predefined FirebaseAnalytics.Event and/or FirebaseAnalytics.Param is recommended for optimal reporting.

name The name of the event. Should contain 1 to 40 alphanumeric characters or underscores. The name must start with an alphabetic character. Some event names are reserved. See FirebaseAnalytics.Event for the list of reserved event names. The "firebase_", "google_" and "ga_" prefixes are reserved and should not be used. Note that event names are case-sensitive and that logging two events whose names differ only in case will result in two distinct events.
params The map of event parameters. Passing null indicates that the event has no parameters. Parameter names can be up to 40 characters long and must start with an