Run your app with confidence and deliver the best experience for your users

Launch, monitor, and iterate with AI-assistive tools that help you optimize your app's quality and experience.

Improve app stability and performance

Firebase helps you track, prioritize and resolve issues that degrade your user experience


See real-time crash and error reporting with contextual and AI-driven insights, troubleshooting tips, and clear signals about new releases to help you fix crashes faster.

Performance Monitoring

Get insight into your app's health and speed from your users' point of view to address latency issues.

Iterate and dynamically update your app

Firebase lets you test, refine, and update your app configuration and AI model parameters.

A/B Testing

Experiment and test new app features and AI models with a subset of your users to uncover insights to optimize user experience and business outcomes.

Remote Config

Fine-tune and gradually roll out server and client side app features, parameters, and models without releasing a new version.

Collect user feedback and test your app before release

Firebase makes it easy and efficient to get pre-release input from trusted testers and ensure your app works as designed across devices.

App Distribution

Distribute pre-release versions of your app to testers to get early feedback on usability.

Test Lab

Spot errors before release by testing your app on virtual and physical devices that simulate actual usage environments.

Understand and engage with users

Firebase helps you retain and nurture users with insight into user behavior and preferences, and the ability to send customizable messages.

Google Analytics

Monitor app usage and understand user activity so you can deliver personalized experiences.

In-App Messaging

Encourage active users to complete key in-app actions with targeted messages.

Cloud Messaging

Send targeted, customized, and automated push notifications to re-engage users at no cost.