public class MulticastMessage extends Object

Represents a message that can be sent to multiple devices via Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Contains payload information as well as the list of device registration tokens to which the message should be sent. A single MulticastMessage may contain up to 500 registration tokens.

Instances of this class are thread-safe and immutable. Use MulticastMessage.Builder to create new instances. See sendMulticast(MulticastMessage) for details on how to send the message to FCM for multicast delivery.

This class and the associated Builder retain the order of tokens. Therefore the order of the responses list obtained by calling getResponses() on the return value of sendMulticast(MulticastMessage) corresponds to the order in which tokens were added to the MulticastMessage.Builder.

Nested Class Summary

class MulticastMessage.Builder  

Public Method Summary

static MulticastMessage.Builder

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Public Methods

public static MulticastMessage.Builder builder ()