Contains classes for Google Mobile Ads.


AdListener A listener for receiving notifications during the lifecycle of an ad. 
AdLoader An object for requesting ads. 
AdLoader.Builder Builder for a AdLoader
AdRequest An AdRequest contains targeting information used to fetch an ad. 
AdRequest.Builder Builds an AdRequest
AdSize The size of a banner ad. 
AdView The View to display banner ads. 
Correlator A Correlator is used to associate multiple ad views on the same page. 
InterstitialAd Full-screen interstitial ads. 
MobileAds Class contains logic that applies to the Mobile Ads SDK as a whole. 
MobileAds.Settings This class describes all optional initialization settings that impact the Google Mobile Ads SDK's behavior. 
NativeExpressAdView The View to display native express ads. 
VideoController An object that provides playback control for video ads. 
VideoController.VideoLifecycleCallbacks An interface for objects that receive callbacks for video events. 
VideoOptions Options for controlling video playback in supported ad formats (e.g. 
VideoOptions.Builder Builder for VideoOptions