Landmark Recognition

With ML Kit's landmark recognition API, you can recognize well-known landmarks in an image.

When you pass an image to this API, you get the landmarks that were recognized in it, along with each landmark's geographic coordinates and the region of the image the landmark was found. You can use this information to automatically generate image metadata, create individualized experiences for users based on the content they share, and more.

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Key capabilities

Recognizes well-known landmarks

Get the name and geographic coordinates of natural and constructed landmarks, as well as the region of the image the landmark was found.

Try the Cloud Vision API demo to see what landmarks can be found in an image you provide.

Get Google Knowledge Graph entity IDs A Knowledge Graph entity ID is a string that uniquely identifies the landmark that was recognized, and is the same ID used by the Knowledge Graph Search API. You can use this string to identify an entity across languages, and independently of the formatting of the text description.
Low-volume use at no cost

Free for first 1000 uses of this feature per month: see Pricing

Example Results

Photo: Arcalino / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
Description Brugge
Geographic Coordinates 51.207367, 3.226933
Knowledge Graph entity ID /m/0drjd2
Bounding Polygon (20, 342), (651, 342), (651, 798), (20, 798)
Confidence Score 0.77150935