Cloud Firestore Library and framework integrations

Cloud Firestore offers a number of integrations with open-source libraries in addition to the client and server libraries covered in the documentation. These integrations are often implemented by developers that have used Cloud Firestore and want to bring it to their favorite framework.

The following integrations have been implemented in partnership with the Cloud Firestore team.


Platform: Web

AngularFire is an Angular library for Firebase. With AngularFire and Cloud Firestore, you can add your data to documents and collections, query data, and enable offline access to data.

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Platforms: Android, iOS

Use the FirebaseUI libraries for Android and iOS to bind data from your Cloud Firestore database to your app's UI.

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React Native Firebase

Platforms: Android, Apple

React Native Firebase is the officially recommended React Native library for Firebase. However, it is not covered by Firebase support. Learn more about what you can do with React Native and Cloud Firestore in Getting started with Cloud Firestore on React Native.

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