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Available devices in Test Lab

Test Lab lets you test your app on a wide variety of different devices and Android versions. There are a few ways to see which devices are currently available:

  • Firebase console: If you're running tests from the Firebase console, you can see a list of available devices during the Select dimensions step of the Run a test workflow.
  • Firebase CLI: To see a list of available devices from the Firebase CLI, use the following command:
    gcloud firebase test android models list
  • Google APIs Explorer: You can even look up the devices directly, without a Firebase project or the gcloud tool, using the Google APIs Explorer.

Deprecated devices and versions

Deprecated devices are available for up to one month before being removed from the Test Lab Device Selection Catalog. If you try to run a test on a device after it’s been removed from the catalog, Test Lab will skip that test or throw an error and cancel all your tests.

Deprecated devices

Manufacturer Model Type Device/Version Removing on
Sharp SH-04H Physical Device 2018-10-26
Sony Xperia Z3 Physical Device 2018-12-13
Sony Xperia Z2 Physical Device 2019-01-12
Samsung Galaxy S7 Physical Device 2019-05-24