Test your Crashlytics implementation

Force a crash to test your implementation

  1. Add code to your app that you can use to force a test crash.

    You can use the following code in your app's MainActivity to add a button to your app that, when pressed, causes a crash. The button is labeled "Test Crash".


    val crashButton = Button(this)
    crashButton.text = "Test Crash"
    crashButton.setOnClickListener {
       throw RuntimeException("Test Crash") // Force a crash
    addContentView(crashButton, ViewGroup.LayoutParams(


    Button crashButton = new Button(this);
    crashButton.setText("Test Crash");
    crashButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
       public void onClick(View view) {
           throw new RuntimeException("Test Crash"); // Force a crash
    addContentView(crashButton, new ViewGroup.LayoutParams(
  2. Build and run your app.

  3. Force the test crash in order to send your app's first crash report:

    1. Open your app from your test device or emulator.

    2. In your app, press the "Test Crash" button that you added using the code above.

    3. After your app crashes, restart it so that your app can send the crash report to Firebase.

  4. Go to the Crashlytics dashboard of the Firebase console to see your test crash.

If you've refreshed the console and you're still not seeing the test crash after five minutes, try enabling debug logging (next section).

Enable debug logging for Crashlytics

If you don't see your test crash in the Crashlytics dashboard, you can use debug logging for Crashlytics to help track down the problem.

  1. Enable and view debug logging for Crashlytics:

    1. Before running your app, set the following adb shell flag to DEBUG:

      adb shell setprop log.tag.FirebaseCrashlytics DEBUG
    2. View the logs in your device logs by running the following command:

      adb logcat -s FirebaseCrashlytics
  2. Force a test crash. The first section on this page describes how to do this.

  3. Look for the following message or code 204 in your logcat output, either of which verifies that your app is sending crashes to Firebase.

    Crashlytics report upload complete

If you don't see this log or your test crash in the Crashlytics dashboard of the Firebase console after five minutes, reach out to Firebase Support with a copy of your log output so that we can help you troubleshoot further.

Next steps