Supported roles for Firebase IAM

A role is a collection of permissions.

You do not assign a specific permission to a member directly; instead you assign a role to the member. When you assign a role to a member, you grant that member all the permissions that the role contains.

Firebase IAM supports the following types of roles:

Firebase predefined roles

Firebase predefined roles are the curated Firebase-specific roles that enable more granular access control than the primitive roles. The Firebase predefined roles are structured around Google Analytics for Firebase and the Firebase Develop, Quality, and Grow products.

Assign Firebase predefined roles to members of your Firebase project using the Firebase console. You can assign more than one role to each member.

Note that, when needed, predefined roles automatically include permissions which are:

Firebase Analytics predefined roles

Role Description Permissions
Firebase Analytics Admin
Full access to:
Firebase Analytics Viewer
Read-only access to:

Firebase Develop predefined roles

Role Description Permissions
Firebase Develop Admin
Full access to:
Firebase Develop Viewer
Read-only access to:

Firebase Quality predefined roles

Role Description Permissions
Firebase Quality Admin
Full access to:
Firebase Quality Viewer
Read-only access to:

Firebase Grow predefined roles

Role Description Permissions
Firebase Grow Admin
Full access to:
Firebase Grow Viewer
Read-only access to:

Custom roles

Custom roles are fully customized IAM roles that you create to tailor a set of permissions that meet the specific requirements of your organization. Learn more about custom roles in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) documentation.

Use Firebase-specific permissions, plus many other permissions across other GCP products, to create custom roles.