Introduction to Gemini in Firebase

Gemini in Firebase is an AI-powered collaborative assistant that can boost your productivity by answering questions that help you develop, optimize, and troubleshoot your Firebase apps directly in the Firebase console. Use Gemini in Firebase to streamline your development process, reduce debugging time, and build high-quality apps with confidence.

Gemini in Firebase offers a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Natural language queries: Prompt Gemini using plain English language in the Firebase console.
  • Real-time support: Gemini is always available in the Firebase console, ready to assist you whenever you need it. No more context switching or digging through documentation: Gemini in Firebase can provide answers and link you directly to source documentation and relevant codelabs.
  • Firebase expertise: Gemini in Firebase possesses deep knowledge of Firebase products and services and can provide information on features, best practices, and implementation guidance.
  • Code generation and debugging: Gemini in Firebase can generate code snippets based on your requests across multiple programming languages. It can also analyze your existing code, identify potential issues, and suggest improvements.
  • Error decoding and troubleshooting: Gemini in Firebase can decipher error messages and provide clear explanations and mitigations. It can also analyze logs, suggesting steps to resolve problems quickly.
  • Best practices: Gemini in Firebase offers guidance on Firebase best practices to ensure your apps are the best they can be.
  • Platform and framework support: Gemini in Firebase can assist you regardless of which platforms (Android, iOS, Web, etc.) or frameworks (Flutter, React, etc.) you use.
  • AI assistance in Firebase Crashlytics: If you use Crashlytics and enable Gemini in Firebase, you can get AI assistance for debugging and troubleshooting issues in your Apple and Android apps. AI assistance provides actionable insights into your app's crashes, including a full description of the issue, information about possible root causes, and suggestions on how you can fix the issue. Learn more at Get AI assistance in Crashlytics.

How Gemini in Firebase uses your data

Gemini in Firebase doesn't use your prompts or its responses as data to train its model. If you enable Gemini in Firebase, it will have access to your Firebase environment and responses may be tailored to your project. For more information, see How Gemini in Google Cloud uses your data.

Required permissions

To enable and use features of Gemini in Firebase requires certain IAM roles and permissions.

Here's how to assign the Cloud AI Companion User role to a project member. Note that only project owners can edit IAM roles.

  1. From the Firebase console, select Project settings, then select Users and permissions.
  2. Find the row for the applicable project member.
  3. Click More options, then select Edit access.
  4. Expand Role(s), select Cloud AI Companion User, then click Done.
  5. Click Update roles to save the change. It may take a minute or two for the new role to apply to your user.

Quotas and pricing

This section describes the quotas and pricing structure for Gemini in Firebase.

Quotas and limits

You can view your current quotas on the Quotas page for the Cloud AI Companion API:

  1. From the Google Cloud console, select Enabled APIs & services.
  2. Search for, then click Cloud AI Companion API.
  3. Click Quotas & system limits.

Cloud AI Companion API quotas appear. Gemini in Firebase uses the "Chat API requests per day per user" quota.

To request a quota increase:

  1. Select the quota you want to increase, and click Edit request.
  2. Update the New value text field with the quota you'd like to request, then click Submit.

    The Google Cloud team will evaluate your request and respond by email.


During the promotional period, you won't be charged for Gemini in Firebase usage. The promotional period ends July 30, 2024. For more information, see Firebase pricing plans.

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