Firebase CLI Release Notes

To use the Firebase CLI in your development environment, see Set up or update the Firebase CLI.

Version 12.8.0 - October 31, 2023

  • Enabled preferRest option by default for Firestore-triggered functions. (#6147)
  • Fixed a bug where redeploying a Firestore-triggered function (2nd gen) failed after updating secrets. (#6456)
  • Fixed a bug where similarly named Hosting channels would cause issues when updating authorized domains. (#6356)

Version 12.7.0 - October 11, 2023

  • Added support for point-in-time recovery (PITR) on Cloud Firestore databases, including enabling, disabling, and displaying enablement state. (#6388)
  • Added a --log-verbosity flag to emulators:* commands that limits what logs are printed. (#2859)
  • Fixed type mismatch for parameterized function region. (#6205)
  • Ignore FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST environment variable on functions deployment. (#6442)
  • Fixed an issue where params were not resolved when used to set VPC connector during functions deployment. (#6327)

Version 12.6.2 - October 04, 2023

  • Fixed an issue with deploying multi-level grouped functions containing 2nd gen functions. (#6419)
  • Fixed an issue where functions deployment required a new permission. (#6425)

Version 12.6.1 - September 27, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where the functions service account option was not treated as a param. (#6389)
  • Fixed an issue with deploying function groups containing 2nd gen functions. (#6408)
  • Changed to use the GetDefaultBucket endpoint to fetch the default Cloud Storage bucket.

Version 12.6.0 - September 26, 2023

  • Improved performance and reliability when deploying multiple 2nd gen functions using single builds. (#6376)
  • Fixed an issue where emulators:export did not check if the target folder is empty. (#6313)
  • Fixed an issue where retry could not be set for event-triggered functions. (#6391)
  • Fixed "Could not find the next executable" on Next.js deployments. (#6372)
  • Fixed issues caused by breaking changes in Next >=v13.5.0. (#6382)

Version 12.5.4 - September 12, 2023

  • Released Cloud Firestore emulator v1.18.2.
  • Removed nano precision in timestamp used in Cloud Firestore emulator (#5893)
  • Fixed a bug where Cloud Firestore emulator query behaved differently from production.
  • Fixed an issue where very long command outputs would be cut off. (#3286)

Version 12.5.3 - September 08, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where builds from could not run commands that spawn npm. (#6132)
  • Fixed an issue where --non-interactive and --force were not respected in some extension deploys. (#6321)
  • Fixed the regex in Extensions changelog parser to lazy match the version prefix to allow matching higher versions. (#6326)

Version 12.5.2 - August 24, 2023

  • Fixed an issue that caused unexpected behavior and errors when deploying functions. (#6290)

Version 12.5.1 - August 23, 2023

  • Fixed issue where deploys with a mix of 1st and 2nd gen functions would fail. (#6293)

Version 12.5.0 - August 22, 2023

  • Fixed issue where the Extensions emulator would error when emulating local extensions with no params. (#6271)
  • Fixed issue where next.config.js would not be bundled correctly. (#6287)
  • Improved performance and reliability when deploying multiple 2nd gen functions using single builds. (#6275)

Version 12.4.8 - August 15, 2023

  • Increased Cloud Functions emulator HTTPS body size limit to 32mb to match production. (#6201)
  • Fixed Astro web framework bug when loading configuration for version 2.9.7 and above. (#6213)
  • Increased Next.js config bundle timeout to 60 seconds. (#6214)

Version 12.4.7 - August 02, 2023

  • Improved error message raised when firebase init hosting:github fails due to max number of keys limit for a service account. (#6145)
  • Fixed bug where functions:secrets:\* family of commands did not work when Firebase CLI is authenticated via GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS. (#6190)
  • Fixed bug where some extension instance updates would default to the wrong location. (#6202)

Version 12.4.6 - July 25, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where extension instances could not be deployed when authenticated as a service account. (#6060)
  • Fixed glob usage in Next.js utility function to detect images in app directory (#6166)
  • Allow experiments set with firebase experiments:enable to be accessed by the emulator UI. (#6169)

Version 12.4.5 - July 19, 2023

  • Fixed bug where functions:secrets:set didn't remove stale versions of a secret. (#6080)
  • Fixed bug where firebase deploy --only firestore:named-db didn't update rules. (#6129)
  • Fixed issue where Flutter Web wasn't detected as a web framework. (#6085)
  • Added better messages for API permissions failures, which now direct the user to the URL to enable the API. (#6130)
  • Fixed issue caused by adding stricter type checks. (#5906)
  • Fixed next/image component in app directory for Next.js > v13.4.9. (#6143)
  • Fixed bug where Next.js Image Optimization in the app directory wasn't requiring a Cloud Function. (#6143)
  • Fixed a transitive dependency on a vulnerable version of vm2. (#6150)

Version 12.4.4 - July 12, 2023

  • Disabled KeepAlive timeout when debugger is attached to the Cloud Functions emulator. (#6069)
  • Fixed an issue where database:list would have inaccurate results. (#6063)

Version 12.4.3 - July 06, 2023

  • Fixed incorrect links in firebase open hosting and firebase open crash. (#6073)
  • Released Firebase Emulator UI v1.11.7, which includes preview support for multiple Cloud Firestore database instances. (#6079)

Version 12.4.2 - June 28, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where lifecycle hooks did not run when functions were specified via --only functions:functionName. (#6023)
  • Increased extension instance create poll timeout to 1h to match backend. (#5969)
  • Refactored ext:install to use the latest extension metadata. (#5997)
  • Added descriptive error when repo is private or not found during ext:dev:upload. (#6052)
  • Fixed issue where missing trigger warnings would be wrongly displayed when emulating extensions with HTTPS triggers. (#6055)
  • Normalized extension root path before usage in ext:dev:upload. (#6054)

Version 12.4.1 - June 27, 2023

  • Released Cloud Firestore emulator 1.18.1, which adds an emulator configuration to start in experimental mode. (#5942)
  • Fixed an issue where lifecycle hooks would not run when codebases were specified via --only. (#6011)
  • Fixed an issue causing firebase emulators:start to crash on Next.js apps. (#6005)

Version 12.4.0 - June 15, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Storage Security Rules could not be deployed to projects without a billing plan. (#5955)
  • Added appdistribution:group:create and appdistribution:group:delete. (#5978)
  • Added --group-alias option to appdistribution:testers:add and appdistribution:testers:remove. (#5978)

Version 12.3.1 - June 06, 2023

  • Delete and re-create v2 function on Cloud Run API quota exhaustion.
  • Changed firebase functions:secrets:* to ensure the Secret Manager API is enabled.

Version 12.3.0 - June 01, 2023

  • Fixed a bug that prevented web framework's dev-mode from working out-of-box with Firebase Authentication.
  • Addressed additional cases where the CLI was attempting to deploy a framework's development bundle.
  • Fixed an issue where Next.js rewrites were not prefixed with the basePath defined in next.config.js.
  • Fixed an issue where web frameworks emulators were not respecting existing Cloud Functions rewrites.
  • Web frameworks rewrites/redirects/headers will only prepend those in firebase.json if there's a baseUrl.
  • Fixed an issue where Authentication emulator created a user if empty email and empty password was provided.
  • Improved error message raised when --import flag directory does not exist.
  • Switched ext:dev:init to default billingRequired to true in extension.yaml.
  • Removed LOCATION param from the extensions.yaml template for ext:dev:init.
  • Added support for Astro hybrid rendering.

Version 12.2.1 - May 24, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where rules runtime would not gracefully close when the Cloud Storage emulator stopped.
  • Changed firebase deploy to always assume build target of production for a web framework, unless overridden.

Version 12.2.0 - May 23, 2023

  • Updated error message when function deploy fails due to quota.
  • Fixed Realtime Database emulator namespace resolution bug.
  • Improved Realtime Database emulator to Cloud Functions emulator network reliability.
  • Allowed for Angular developers to both target a PWA and leverage serveOptimizedImages.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-page applications that are fully statically rendered were treated as PWAs.
  • Fixed an issue where ssr: false and baseURL were not respected when using Nuxt.
  • Fixed an issue where the JS SDK auto-init was not working for Vite while in dev-mode (#5610).
  • Fixed an issue where FIREBASE_FRAMEWORKS_BUILD_TARGET environment variable would not override the default build target.
  • Improved cleanup process when reloading emulated functions in debug mode.
  • Added support for Node.js v20 for web frameworks.
  • Added fast dev-mode support for developers using Nuxt v2.

Version 12.1.0 - May 19, 2023

  • Improved error handling while building web frameworks.
  • Added support for Node.js v20 for Cloud Functions for Firebase.
  • Added Flutter for web as an option in firebase init hosting.

Version 12.0.1 - May 16, 2023

  • Fixed an issue in the Eventarc emulator where events missing optional fields was causing crashes.
  • Fixed an issue when running firebase emulators:start and firebase deploy if Python Cloud Functions directory path has spaces.

Version 12.0.0 - May 9, 2023

  • Changed hosting.frameworksBackend to respect omit: true.
  • Fixed an issue where the backend requirement was not tripped for Angular applications using ng-deploy with serveOptimizedImages.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud Storage emulator would not fall back to open rules for demo- projects if firebase.json contained multiple Cloud Storage targets.
  • Dropped support for running the CLI on Node.js v14.
  • Updated firebase init function templates for TypeScript and Javascript to 2nd gen.
  • Added support for atomic deployment of Hosting content and Cloud Functions rewrites via tag pinning.
  • Changed web frameworks to memoize framework builds for single builds across multiple hosting sites.
  • Added support for Angular i18n and baseHref. (#5774)
  • Added support for Next.js i18n, basePath, and more advanced rewrites/redirects/headers.
  • Added ext:dev:* commands to publish and manage Extensions. For step-by-step instructions on how to publish your own Extensions, see the publisher documentation.

Version 11.30.0 - May 3, 2023

  • Added more helpful error messages for the Firebase Hosting GitHub Action.
  • Upgraded the Cloud Firestore emulator to v1.17.4.
  • Changed web frameworks to no longer try to deploy unsupported versions of Node.js to Cloud Functions.
  • Fixed an issue where emulators would not start correctly due to corrupted ZIP files.
  • Released Emulator Suite UI v1.11.6.
  • Improved experience for developers using Next.js v13's app directory.
  • Fixed an issue where timeout would not resolve when bundling Next.js applications for Cloud Functions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud Functions emulator would attempt to call to prod for demo- projects.
  • Addressed issues starting the Hosting emulator with some versions of Next.js.
  • Fixed regex page matcher for Next.js middlewares v1.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cloud Functions emulator broke when client request disconnects.
  • Added experimental support for deploying Flutter Web applications. to Firebase Hosting
  • Added Cloud Functions emulator support for Cloud Firestore (2nd gen) triggers.

Version 11.29.1 - April 26, 2023

  • Fixed an issue that prevented local extension instances from being updated to uploaded versions.
  • Released Cloud Firestore emulator v1.17.3.

Version 11.29.0 - April 25, 2023

  • Released Cloud Firestore emulator v1.17.2. This change propagates page token from ListDocumentsResponse to GetOrListDocumentsResponse in the Cloud Firestore emulator.
  • Fixed an issue where Secret Manager secrets were tagged incorrectly. (#5704)
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Event channels weren't automatically created on function deploys.
  • Removed Cloud Functions 2nd gen naming restrictions.
  • Fixed an issue where ext:install and ext:configure would error on extensions with no params.
  • Fixed an issue with Vite and Angular integrations using an obsolete npm command.

Version 11.28.0 - April 18, 2023

  • Relaxed repo URI validation in ext:dev:publish.
  • Enabled Secret Manager API during ext:install and ext:update for extensions that use secrets.
  • Added extensions as an option in firebase init.
  • Added the following new commands for provisioning and managing Cloud Firestore database instances:
    • firestore:databases:list
    • firestore:databases:create
    • firestore:databases:get
    • firestore:databases:update
    • firestore:databases:delete
    • firestore:locations

Version 11.27.0 - April 13, 2023

  • Fixed broken experience for projects with incomplete 2nd Gen Cloud Functions.
  • Disabled Cloud Functions breaking change to automatically run npm build scripts as part of function deploy.
  • Added experimental support for deploying Astro applications to Firebase Hosting.
  • Changed emulators:start to default to fast dev-mode for Nuxt3 applications.

Version 11.26.0 - April 11, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where functions shell failed to invoke event-triggered functions in debug mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the web frameworks proxy that could see unexpected 404 errors while emulating.
  • Forced Vite to build the production bundle when deploying to Firebase Hosting.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented deploying Cloud Functions that imported firebase-tools as a library.
  • Added experimental support for SvelteKit codebases.
  • Added support for using of Angular and Vite within an npm workspace.
  • Added ability to publish extension versions directly from GitHub.