Track, prioritize, and fix app crashes faster

Real time crash and error reporting and analysis to help keep your apps running flawlessly. Easily integrates with Android, Apple, Flutter and Unity apps.

Spend less time troubleshooting crashes and ANRs

Crashlytics starts capturing crashes right out of the box and groups them into manageable issues based on the impact on real users - to help you prioritize what to fix first.

Get AI-powered insights and troubleshooting tips with Gemini in Firebase

Speed up the time it takes for you to understand why a crash happened and what to do about it with AI crash insights. Crashlytics leverages Gemini and Firebase's wealth of crash knowledge to provide actionable insights to help you get to the root cause faster.

Easy integration into your existing workflow

Firebase Crashlytics works seamlessly with industry-standard tools including Jira, Slack, BigQuery, and more. And, with integrations for Android Studio, you can view Crashlytics data directly within the App Quality Insights window, making it easy to debug crashes without leaving the IDE.

Get contextual information about crashes to make debugging easier

Understand the timeline of events leading up to app crashes and visualizations of metadata that surface common characteristics of crashes so you can quickly reproduce bugs and uncover the root cause.

Track your new release adoption and stability in real-time, so you can catch errors and address emerging problems before they impact a large number of users.

Instrument logs, keys, non-fatal events, and custom events to get additional information on why a crash occurred and what happened leading up to it. You can log your own contextual data or use Google Analytic events to understand the user behavior and paths leading up to a crash.

Receive real time alerts for new errors, regressed errors, and errors that are starting to happen at higher rates, no matter where you are so you never miss a critical crash.


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There's no cost to using Crashlytics