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Firebase status

This message is an overview of Firebase's service status. Visit the dashboard for a full status-information list of all the services that are part of Firebase.

Step 1: Read our FAQs, Release Notes, and Guides
Review common questions & known issues across all Firebase features and pricing.
Release notes
View a changelog for our latest SDK releases.
Support guides
Support and upgrade guide docs.
Step 2: Ask the community through one of our forums
Each forum is unique, use example questions for guidance. The Firebase team and other members of the community will try to help. See all Firebase forums in the footer.
Stack Overflow
Example Stack Overflow question:
"How do I cancel a file upload?"

Stack Overflow is the best place to get help with using Firebase APIs in your code. Make sure you know how to ask a good question to help get a quick response.
Example Quora question:
"What are some good uses for Firebase?"

Quora is the best place to ask open-ended questions about Firebase. Questions may be seeking thoughts and opinions from the community.
Discussion forums
Example question:
"Is anyone using Firebase with Python?"

The Firebase Slack forum is the best place for live "chat room" conversations with the community. Our Google Group is the best place for more lengthy email threads with our team.
Step 3: Get direct support & report bugs. Sign in required

We can help you fix billing and account issues, troubleshoot our services and SDKs, determine if services are working correctly, and understand the Firebase products. Some questions are out of scope, like helping you write or debug code, or consulting requests. If that’s what you need, we recommend our awesome communities on Stack Overflow, Slack, and Google Groups.

Technical support
Contact our technical support team for one-on-one email support with your project, and for all urgent requests.
Paid GCP support
Do you have GCP support? If yes, your Firebase technical issues can now be submitted through the GCP support console.


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