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Google Cloud Platform 与 Firebase 徽标

Yes! Firebase is Google’s mobile development platform that empowers you to quickly build and grow your app. It’s built so that you’re able to easily pull in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products as your team or infrastructure needs grow.


Firebase 和 GCP 共用相同的基础架构,包括:

SDK 图标

Firebase and GCP share three products: Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Storage. These are the same products that exist in Cloud, simply exposed for client-side developers via Firebase. You can access the same data from the server SDKs (Cloud) and the client SDKs (Firebase), so your frontend and backend teams can work in concert.


每个帐号可以有多个项目,类似于文件夹或目录。您可以将 Firebase 和 GCP 产品添加到同一个项目中。


结算功能设置在项目级,因此 Firebase 和 Cloud 产品可以放在同一帐单中。




部分 Firebase 产品使用 GCP 服务条款。这些产品包括: Firebase 身份验证Cloud Storage for FirebaseCloud Functions for FirebaseCloud Firestore 以及 Firebase 测试实验室。未来会有更多 Firebase 产品使用 GCP 服务条款,我们正在为此努力。

Google 图标

Firebase 和 GCP 都使用 Google 帐号,因此您只需拥有一个帐号即可畅享两大平台。


  • Helps you build apps and grow your user base.
  • Used by client-side app developers (both web & mobile).
  • Used for building a new mobile app, augmenting an existing app with new functionality and growing an audience.
  • Makes Google's infrastructure (Compute, Storage, Networking, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning) publicly available as composable services.
  • Used by backend & server-side developers.
  • Used for building software leveraging Google's core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning.


现在您已经了解 Firebase 和 Google Cloud Platform 之间的关系了!