Gain insight into your app performance

Measure your app's network requests, screen rendering times, as well as custom and automated traces, all in one place. Available for both mobile and web.

Roll out new app versions with customizable views of key performance metrics

Firebase Performance Monitoring, a real time app performance monitoring tool, helps you keep a close eye on your app as you roll out new features or make configuration changes. Performance Monitoring also gives you control over your performance data with a customizable dashboard that makes it easy to focus on your most important metrics.

Multiple phones connected to a dashboard

Keep your app fast and responsive

Gain insight into how your app performs from your users' point of view with a breakdown of trace and network data into dimensions like app version, country, device, and network type.

Capture health and performance of network requests

Stay on top of your app's dependencies, network latencies, and errors affecting your users with automated monitoring of HTTP/S requests. You can also customize URL patterns to closely monitor response times, success rates, and payload sizes of your critical requests.

Multiple phones connected to a dashboard
Keep your eyes on network behavior

Reduce troubleshooting and resolution time

Understand the context in which performance issues take place and more easily address them using custom traces. You can also make use of automated traces, such as app startup time.


Learn more about Performance Monitoring through our documentation.


Performance Monitoring is a no cost tool within the Firebase platform.