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Designed to increase productivity, Firebase Extensions provide extended functionality to your apps without the need to research, write, or debug code on your own.

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Resizes images uploaded to Cloud Storage to a specified size, and optionally keeps or deletes the original image.

Translates strings written to a Cloud Firestore collection into multiple languages (uses Cloud Translation API).

Adds new users from Firebase Authentication to a specified Mailchimp audience.

Composes and sends an email based on the contents of a document written to a specified Cloud Firestore collection.

Sends realtime, incremental updates from a specified Cloud Firestore collection to BigQuery.

Shortens URLs written to a specified Cloud Firestore collection (uses Bitly).

Records event counters at scale to accommodate high-velocity writes to Cloud Firestore.

Limits the number of nodes to a specified maximum count in a specified Realtime Database path.

Deletes data keyed on a userId from Cloud Firestore, Realtime Database, and/or Cloud Storage when a user deletes their account.

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With Firebase Extensions, you provide the configuration parameters for your extension that are unique to your needs. You can also review the APIs enabled, resources created, and access granted to the extension.

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Extensions are open-sourced and built on Firebase and Google Cloud products you already know. Deployment and configuration of an extension are performed in the Firebase console or the Firebase CLI. Once deployed, they require no maintenance.

Firebase membantu Anda mengembangkan aplikasi berkualitas tinggi, menumbuhkan basis pengguna, dan menghasilkan lebih banyak uang. Setiap fitur berfungsi secara independen dan bekerja sangat baik jika dipakai bersama.