Get hands-on experience with Firebase through demos, codelabs and pathways.

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We've built these interactive experiences to show how Firebase can help improve your app, give you opportunities to give feedback and just have fun. Click on an experience below:

Dear Firebase

We value your feedback! Write the Firebase team a personalized postcard telling us what you love and what we can improve. Choose from different postcard styles and add cool animated stickers. You can also save a copy of your creations and share on social media!

Improve your app

Our interactive web experience shows you how Firebase can help improve even your existing apps. See how Remote Config and A/B Testing can help you test new features, Firebase Test Lab teams up with App Distribution for more robust nightly builds, how Analytics, Predictions and Remote Config combine to help create custom experiences and content to engage specific user segments, and Firebase Extensions can help you export data to BQ for deeper analysis.

Firebase for Web

With this interactive virtual console and web experience, see how you can use Remote Config to quickly restyle a web page or roll out custom content for your users. And discover how easy it is to keep your users engaged and informed with Cloud Messaging.


We have four new codelabs for you to get hands-on learning with locally developing in the Emulator Suite, building web apps with Angular and Firebase, getting started with Firebase in C++, and getting to know Firebase for Flutter. You can also check out the accompanying walkthrough videos for additional assistance.

Building a web application with Angular and Firebase

In this workshop we'll build a real-time web kanban board with Firebase and Angular. Together we'll create a new app, implement its core functionality with Angular and Material, use Firestore for its persistent state, and deploy it to Firebase hosting with a single command!

Get started with Firebase in C++

You may know about the Firebase SDKs for Android and iOS, but did you know that there's a C++ SDK designed just for cross platform games? In this workshop we'll add the C++ SDK to an Android project via CMake, add some basic analytics to help improve your game, and share it with your friends and testers to start gathering feedback.

Local development with the Firebase Emulator Suite

Learn how to develop and test a web app completely locally and offline using the Firebase Emulator Suite

Get to know Firebase for Flutter

Build a Flutter mobile app from scratch with Firebase. You'll use the FlutterFire packages to talk to Firebase Auth and Cloud Firestore. This is a great introduction to using the Firebase console and integrating Firebase into a Flutter app.

Add Recommendations to your app with TensorFlow Lite and Firebase

Recommendation engines let you personalize experiences to individual users, presenting them with more relevant and engaging content. Rather than building out a complex pipeline to power this feature, this codelab shows how you can implement a content recommendation engine for an app by training and deploying an on-device ML model.


Earn a badge for each topic by completing the quiz at the end of the pathway.

Develop locally with Firebase

Learn how to develop and run apps in local environments with Firebase.

Build web apps backed by Cloud Firestore

Learn how to efficiently and securely store and sync app data with Cloud Firestore.

Add Firebase to your Flutter app

Learn how to integrate Firebase products to your Flutter app, for seamless frontend and backend mobile app development.

Build your first web app with Firebase

Learn the basics of the Firebase mobile application development platform and build your first app using Firebase.

Message your users with FCM and FIAM on Android

Learn how to communicate with users and build business with Firebase Cloud and In-App Messaging.