Interface representing the device that triggered these Firebase Analytics events.



Optional deviceCategory

deviceCategory: string

Device category.

Examples: "tablet" or "mobile".

Optional deviceId

deviceId: string

Vendor specific device identifier. This is IDFV on iOS. Not used for Android.

Example: '599F9C00-92DC-4B5C-9464-7971F01F8370'

Optional deviceModel

deviceModel: string

Device model, as read from the OS.

Example: "iPhone9,1"


deviceTimeZoneOffsetSeconds: number

The time zone of the device when data was uploaded, as seconds skew from UTC. Use this to calculate the device's local time for EventContext.timestamp.


limitedAdTracking: boolean

The device's Limit Ad Tracking setting. When true, you cannot use resettableDeviceId for remarketing, demographics or influencing ads serving behaviour. However, you can use resettableDeviceId for conversion tracking and campaign attribution.

Optional mobileBrandName

mobileBrandName: string

Device brand name.

Examples: "Samsung", "HTC"

Optional mobileMarketingName

mobileMarketingName: string

Device marketing name.

Example: "Galaxy S4 Mini"

Optional mobileModelName

mobileModelName: string

Device model name in human-readable format.

Example: "iPhone 7"

Optional platformVersion

platformVersion: string

Device OS version when data capture ended.

Example: "4.4.2"

Optional resettableDeviceId

resettableDeviceId: string

The type of the resettable_device_id is IDFA on iOS (when available) and AdId on Android.

Example: "71683BF9-FA3B-4B0D-9535-A1F05188BAF3"


userDefaultLanguage: string

The user language in language-country format, where language is an ISO 639 value and country is an ISO 3166 value.

Examples: "en-us", "en-za", "zh-tw", "jp"