Optional failurePolicy

failurePolicy: FailurePolicy | boolean

Failure policy of the function, with boolean true being equivalent to providing an empty retry object.

Optional ingressSettings

ingressSettings: typeof INGRESS_SETTINGS_OPTIONS[number]

Ingress settings

Optional maxInstances

maxInstances: number

Max number of actual instances allowed to be running in parallel

Optional memory

memory: typeof VALID_MEMORY_OPTIONS[number]

Amount of memory to allocate to the function.

Optional regions

regions: Array<typeof SUPPORTED_REGIONS[number] | string>

Optional schedule

schedule: Schedule

Optional serviceAccount

serviceAccount: "default" | string

Specific service account for the function to run as

Optional timeoutSeconds

timeoutSeconds: number

Timeout for the function in seconds, possible values are 0 to 540.

Optional vpcConnector

vpcConnector: string

Connect cloud function to specified VPC connector

Optional vpcConnectorEgressSettings

vpcConnectorEgressSettings: typeof VPC_EGRESS_SETTINGS_OPTIONS[number]

Egress settings for VPC connector