public abstract class UnifiedNativeAd extends Object

A Google native ad. Unlike NativeAppInstallAd and NativeContentAd, this class may contain either an app install ad or a content ad.

Nested Class Summary

interface UnifiedNativeAd.MediaContent An object representing the media content from the ad that is rendered within the MediaView
interface UnifiedNativeAd.OnUnifiedNativeAdLoadedListener An interface defining a callback that is called when a native ad is loaded. 
interface UnifiedNativeAd.UnconfirmedClickListener A listener interface apps can use to receive unconfirmed click events when using the Confirmed Click feature. 

Public Constructor Summary

Public Method Summary

abstract void
Cancels an unconfirmed click that was previously recorded for the ad.
abstract void
Destroy the ad object.
abstract void
Enable publishers reporting clicks using custom gestures for this UnifiedNativeAd.
abstract NativeAd.AdChoicesInfo
Returns the information for the AdChoices attribution.
abstract String
Returns text that identifies the advertiser.
abstract String
Returns body text.
abstract String
Returns the ad's call to action (such as "Buy" or "Install").
abstract Bundle
Returns a bundle of extra assets associated with the native ad.
abstract String
Returns the primary text headline.
abstract NativeAd.Image
Returns a small image identifying the advertiser.
abstract List<NativeAd.Image>
Returns a list of large images.
abstract UnifiedNativeAd.MediaContent
Returns the UnifiedNativeAd.MediaContent associated with this ad.
abstract String
Returns the mediation adapter class name.
abstract List<MuteThisAdReason>
Returns Mute This Ad reasons available for this ad.
abstract String
For ads about apps, returns a string representing how much the app costs.
abstract Double
For ads about apps, returns a star rating from 0 to 5 representing how many stars the app has in the store offering it.
abstract String
For ads about apps, returns the name of the store offering the app for download.
abstract VideoController
Returns the VideoController associated with this ad.
abstract boolean
Indicates whether clicks can be reported using custom click gestures.
abstract boolean
Returns true if this ad can be muted programmatically.
abstract void
muteThisAd(MuteThisAdReason muteThisAdReason)
Mutes This Ad programmatically.
abstract void
performClick(Bundle clickData)
Should be called when the user has clicked on the ad.
abstract void
Report clicks for this UnifiedNativeAd using custom click gesture.
abstract boolean
recordImpression(Bundle impressionData)
Should be called when the ad is first displayed.
abstract void
reportTouchEvent(Bundle touchEventData)
Should be called when a touch event happens on the ad.
abstract void
abstract void
setUnconfirmedClickListener(UnifiedNativeAd.UnconfirmedClickListener listener)
Set the UnconfirmedClickListener for the ad.

Inherited Method Summary

Public Constructors

public UnifiedNativeAd ()

Public Methods

public abstract void cancelUnconfirmedClick ()

Cancels an unconfirmed click that was previously recorded for the ad.

public abstract void destroy ()

Destroy the ad object. No other methods should be called on the ad object aft