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Represents the Android-specific notification options that can be included in admin.messaging.AndroidConfig.



Optional body

body: string

Body of the Android notification. When provided, overrides the body set via admin.messaging.Notification.

Optional bodyLocArgs

bodyLocArgs: string[]

An array of resource keys that will be used in place of the format specifiers in bodyLocKey.

Optional bodyLocKey

bodyLocKey: string

Key of the body string in the app's string resource to use to localize the body text.

Optional channelId

channelId: string

The Android notification channel ID (new in Android O). The app must create a channel with this channel ID before any notification with this channel ID can be received. If you don't send this channel ID in the request, or if the channel ID provided has not yet been created by the app, FCM uses the channel ID specified in the app manifest.